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my coworker is teasing me with a mascot of an animal I am fearful of — Ask a Supervisor

A reader writes:

I work for a faculty, and our mascot is an animal most individuals discover beautiful – consider a lion or a pet. In previous years, we’ve had a really massive stuffed toy of our mascot that travels between homerooms a couple of instances a month, often to rejoice a homeroom that has labored significantly arduous or met a sure purpose.

This 12 months, for causes passing understanding, my boss – our principal – has change into obsessive about a specific insect as an emblem of teamwork. The earlier huge, plush mascot has been changed with a really massive (five-feet lengthy), very detailed plush of this insect. This week, my homeroom was “awarded” this creature.

Now, as you will have guessed, I’ve an issue with this bug. I’ve a lifelong phobia of it, really. I’m not bothered by bugs typically, however am legitimately fearful of and disgusted by this one. Having numerous these little guys flip up on workers and student-facing supplies as symbols of teamwork has been annoying, however I’m dealing with it. That mentioned, the enormous, life like one? Genuinely out of my nightmares. I can bodily really feel my coronary heart price soar somewhat after I catch its silhouette or have to have a look at its creepy little face.

So, the day the bug was “awarded” to my homeroom, I decked it out in blankets and hats with our college emblem and colours, so it was much less creepy to me whereas nonetheless a cute, enjoyable factor within the room. The children preferred seeing it coated at school swag, too, and I included some ornament particular to our homeroom.

Nevertheless, one of many different academics on this homeroom actually needs to get into the spirit (?) of the bug. She has eliminated the decorations and blanket, moved the bug repeatedly to locations the place it’s in my eyeline (together with whereas I’m educating!), and has drawn the children’ consideration to this, making it a little bit of a category joke, which makes it a lot tougher to handle within the second with out making a bizarre scene. I’ve advised her, in-person and by way of message, a number of instances that whereas I do know it’s foolish, the bug toy actually does freak me out somewhat, and I’d wish to preserve it out of the way in which. She’s replied with chiding, unhappy emojis, and so forth., and has moved the bug at the very least as soon as since.

The bug strikes on a couple of times a month, so this isn’t a everlasting drawback, but it surely does make me marvel the place the road is. I can accommodate the bug – it’s not a debilitating phobia – and I really feel greater than somewhat foolish repeatedly telling my colleague to cease shifting a toy bug into my eyeline, but in addition really feel like at a sure level, I’m allowed to attract a boundary. The bug mascot is all in good enjoyable, however … what would you advise saying to this colleague who can’t appear to grasp I don’t discover the joke humorous?

Your coworker is being obnoxious. As quickly as you advised her that the bug freaked you out and also you’d wish to preserve it out of the way in which, that ought to have been the tip of it. There’s no purpose that no matter enjoyable she’s getting from the bug ought to trump your skill to be comfy in your workspace. And she or he’s making it a category joke with college students? WTF.

Her unhappy emojis are simply … sigh. I ponder how she would deal with a pupil with a phobia.

As to your query about the place the road is, it appears like your phobia won’t be extreme sufficient to rise to the extent of ADA safety (if it doesn’t intrude with a serious life exercise) — however that might simply imply that the regulation doesn’t mandate that you just be accommodated. Frequent sense and common decency nonetheless do. Setting the regulation apart, the way in which stuff like this must be navigated is by way of the precept that an worker’s skill to be bodily and mentally comfy of their office and do their job is extra essential than non-compulsory stuff that’s only for enjoyable. So your worry of this bug trumps your coworker’s pleasure at having it round since you want to have the ability to do your work with out being terrified whereas she doesn’t want to expertise the pleasure of a large stuffed bug. She would possibly wish to, however when once you weigh the 2 wants, yours clearly wins out.

If you are able to do each, nice. However once they’re in battle, individuals’s skill to do their jobs wins out. That’s true whether or not we’re speaking about phobias, or allergy symptoms, or incapability to focus due to barking.

Equally, when somebody has allergy symptoms, their skill to breathe and never have complications whereas at work trumps another person’s want to put on fragrance or carry their canine to conferences. (Except it’s a service canine, which might be what’s known as “dueling lodging,” the place each wants are essential and the employer would enter an interactive course of with each individuals to see if they’ll remedy it.)

How easy and direct have you ever been along with your coworker? Have you ever softened the message in any respect in an try and be collegial? In that case, the following step is to un-soften it and say one thing like, “I feel I haven’t been clear sufficient. I’ve a phobia of this bug and having it in my eyeline is interfering with my skill to give attention to my job. I would like you to cease shifting it, interval. Are you able to comply with that?” You’re asking whether or not she will be able to agree as a result of if she gained’t, then the next move — if you’d like a subsequent step — is to escalate it to somebody who will inform her to chop it out (and who ideally will clarify that she’s being a jerk and that it’s not okay to mess with individuals who have clearly requested you to cease).


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